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Brilliant Partner Network

As a value-added distributor (VAD) we not only provide the devices and training services for your Smart Home projects. We also offer different services and solutions providing additional benefits like Brilliant Partner Network to all our partners and customers.


Your Project. Our Expertise.

Get free advice from a project experts 7 days a week.


Project Health Check

We know that the world of technology is updated fast, so we keep your customers informed about any updates that need to be installed, new features available, or simply small improvements to their products.


Project Registration

Registering your project helps you leverage iHcontrol’s strong vendor relationships to get the best price on the most popular products and brands you trust.


Device Programing

Save time, reduce labor cost and virtually eliminate out-of-box failures on all you Smart Devices. At iHcontrol, we have a team dedicated to programming your Smart products so that you can avoid out-of-box failures and reduce labor costs. By letting our team configure your programmable devices, you can let your technicians simply focus on installation. Whether your project is big or small, our programmers can help with the comisioning and custom set up.

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